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Palomar Modular Building Solutions for Every Industry

Palomar Modular Buildings designs and manufactures a selection of outstanding modular buildings for an array of industries including office, retail, healthcare, education and workforce housing. The company is focused on fulfilling our customer's structural needs from our manufacturing facility in Texas, expanding out to serve the south central region including Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and beyond.

Palomar is one out of the handful of modular building manufacturers in the United States that sells direct to the market, eliminating dealership and broker costs which provides our customers outstanding accelerated building solutions at a reasonable price.

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Take advantage of Palomar's accelerated modular construction method which allows our customers to obtain buildings in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional stick built construction. Palomar builds modular building components in a controlled manufacturing environment while site preparation is under way.

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Built in a fraction of the time vs. traditional construction, significant cost savings are achieved through modular construction,  more than 20% for most projects

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Man camps, oil field housing, motel lodging,specialty buildings and administrative offices.

Portable classrooms for temporary classrooms and economical solutions for permanent school buildings.

Modular daycare and pre-school buildings with versatile designs and flexible amenities.

Modular construction is perfect for  medical complexes, healthcare clinincs and laboratories.

Flexible and affordable construction options for retail, commercial offices, restaurants and franchises.